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Fidelity is your best source for a timely, affordable COMMERCIAL APPRAISAL by a qualified commercial appraiser who knows the local area.

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  check2AFFORDABLY PRICED certified commerical appraisals.

  check3USPAP Reports using licensed state-certified appraisers. 

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For the purposes of sale or purchase, financedivorce, estate or tax settlement, insurance claims, insurance policy requirement,  bankruptcy filings, financial planning, mergers and much more.

Fidelity is your source for competitively priced commercial property valuation reports and fully licensed and bonded appraisers throughout the United States. With Fidelity you are assured of total service value.

Whether you need an affordable streamlined valuation report or full Self-Contained Narrative commercial real estate appraisal or commercial appraisal of any kind, Fidelity has you covered. Fidelity also does commercial vehicle appraisals, commercial boat appraisals and commercial aircraft appraisals.

Our nationwide commercial real estate appraisal service resources span the complete spectrum of property types. Included are apartment building, office building, all industrial, mobile home park, marina, residential subdivision, retail building, shopping center and skyscraper valuations. Large or small, single or mixed use, as well as a multitude of other property types.

If you are not sure specifically what type of commercial valuation or appraisal you need we can help you determine the right report for your needs, whether that be a fair market valuation, restricted use, summary or narrative. How much will it cost and how long will it take? Whether an emphasis on cost approach, income approach or sales approach is more appropriate, or whether you will need a MAI or General Certified appraiser, we can help.

We can help answer all those questions for you.

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