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All industries, any equipment, any purpose .


Health Care and Medical :

MRI Imaging Systems, CT Scans, Ultrasound Equipment, Dental Offices, Nursing Homes, Hospital Equipment, Cardiovascular, Ophthalmology, Nuclear Imaging, Orthopedics, Surgical Centers, EP Systems, Physical Therapy Clinics, X-Ray Machines, Advanced PET Systems, PACS Systems and more.   

IT / Data Centers :

From Server Racks to Mission Critical Data Centers, Server Farms, UPS, Failsafe and Failover Redundancy Backup Systems, Fiber Optic equipment, Security, Fire Suppression Systems and more.  

Restaurant/ Bar/ Nightclub :

Commercial Stoves, Ovens, Fryers, Hood Systems, Fire Suppression, Warmers, Racks, Mixers, Grinders, Slicers, Refrigeration, Step-In Coolers, Ice Machines, Food Prep Tables, Sealing and Packing Apparatus, Dispensers, Bar and Nightclub Equipment, Dishwashers, Pots & Pans, and even the Kitchen Sinks, Dining Room Furnishings, Fixtures and more.  

Oil Drilling, Petroleum :

Oil Field Equipment, Drilling Equipment, from simple Derrick Pins to Complete Land Drilling and Work Over Rigs including Mud Pumps, Catwalks, Derricks, Mast, BOP, Brakes, GE Electric Traction Motors, Top Drives, Power Swivel, Hydra Hook, Travelling Blocks, Master Bushing, Spider-Elevators, Stabilizer, Handling & Fishing Tools, Casing, Tubing, HWDP, Drill Pipes, Drill Collars, Pony Collars, Pup Joints, Sucker Rods, Hammer Union, Butterfly Valves, Gate Valves, Closing & Opening Units, Mud System, SCR, VFD, AC System, Control Boxes, Power Generation Units, Specialty Tools, Wire line and Vacuum Trucks, Cementing Units, Sub-Structure and Bug Blowers.  

Manufacturing/ Industrial :

Plastics Manufacturing, Machine Shops, Woodworking Equipment, Routers, Sanders, Agriculture Equipment, Electronic Test Equipment, Semiconductor Equipment, Bonders, Welders, Centrifuges, Chambers, Circuit Board Assembly, Cleaning Systems, Degreasers, Electronic Test Equipment, Developers, Dicing Saws, Dry Boxes, Evaporators, Aligners, UV Curing, Electronic Equipment, Furnaces, Auto Claves, Gas Cabinets, Glove Boxes, Seam Welders, A.T.E., Automatic Test Semiconductor Equipment, Wire Bonders, Die Bonders, Industrial Equipment, Lasers, Electronic Test Equipment, Leak Detectors, Comparators, Used Electronic Equipment, Tensile Testers, Critical Dimension, Hardness Testers, PECVD, LPCVD, Spectrometer, Analyzers, Ultrasonic, Electronic Test Equipment, Particle Monitors, Gas Monitors, Mask, Wafers, Boats, Quartz, Presses, Mold Presses, Laminators, Solder, Shock Chambers, Coaters, Developers, Grinders, Lappers, Polishers, Plasma Etchers, Ashers, Ion Mills, E-gun, Probers, Robots, Stages, Material Handling, Scanning Electron Microscopes, Sputtering Systems, Tables, Vacuum pumps, Vacuum Systems, Wafer Inspection, Wafer Transfer, Chillers, Heaters, Surface Measurement, Profile Measurement, Film Measurement, Vibration Tables, Vibration Analyzers, Amplifiers, Analyzers, Test Systems, Generators Oscilloscopes, Power Meters, CNC Equipment, Lathes, Conveyers, Air Compressors, Industrial Tanks, Brake Presses, Extruders, Planners, Vacuum Pumps, Drill Presses, Benders, Die Cutters, Saws, Molds, Tooling, Presses, Cutters, Power Supply and more. 

Heavy Equipment and Construction :

Aerial Lifts, Aggregate Equipment, Articulated Trucks, Asphalt Plants, Backhoe Loaders, Cold Planers, Compact Track and Multi-Terrain Loaders, Compactors, Compressors, Cranes, Crushers, Dozers, Excavators, Environmental and Recycling Equipment, Feller Bunchers, Forest Machines, Forwarders, Generators, Harvesters, Hydraulic Excavators, Incinerators, Industrial Loaders, Knuckleboom Loaders, Material Handlers, Motor Graders, Off-Highway Trucks, Paving Equipment, Pipelayors, Railroad Equipment, Rigging Equipment, Road Reclaimers, Skid Steer Loaders, Skidders, Soil Stabilization Equipment, Spreaders, Stackers, Sweepers, Telehandlers, Track Loaders, Track-Type Tractors, Tractors, Trailers, Heavy Trucks, Underground Mining, Washing Equipment, Wheel Dozers, Wheel Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Wheel Tractor-Scrapers and more.  


All certified machinery and equipment appraisals are compliant with USPAP standards and the standards of the ASA American Society of Appraisers and the National Equipment & Business Builders Institute.  

When you need the current fair market value, orderly liquidation value and/or forced liquidation values of your equipment, our professionals will provide you with a certified report in a timely manner at a competitive cost. Our certified equipment appraisers and appraisal reports satisfy the requirements of financial institutions, government agencies, buyers and sellers, shareholders and partners.   

Appraisals provided are fully compliance with all local, state and federal regulations and recommended industry-wide standards and guidelines. Fidelity Appraisals provides the benefits of a single centralized order point along with local field service nationwide.  Simply fax, e-mail or call in your request for a single appraisal, fleet or portfolio valuation today and we will get it done for you.